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2015 Seasonal Special: COLLABORATIVE

(First published in December 2012 in Informatiebeveiliging magazine in the Netherlands)

Pollution Controlled

The Attributer tries to choose subjects that are topical, so it is important to choose a ‘title attribute’ that is self-explanatory. When it was agreed that the VW scandal would be a good topic, finding a suitable title/attribute was at first puzzling. In calling it ‘pollution controlled’ there is explicit intent to explore the wider meaning of ‘polluted’. Not just atmospheric pollution, but pollution of corporate values and trust in technological industry in general. There are many aspects of ‘pollution’ to be explored with this SABSA attribute.

Business Context Aligned

The British Computer Society June newsletter featured an article by Neil Cordell. The article opens with the following statement: “When it comes to dealing with cyber security, technologists must focus more on threats and controls and less on risk”. Mr. Cordell is concerned that implementing security controls is entirely in the hands of technologists, who have no real idea of what impact these controls might have on business productivity or the protection of real business assets. So far, so good, but what’s this about ‘less risk’?