What is the Attributer Blog?

This is a series of articles based around SABSA Business Attributes. Each article takes a new Attribute and discusses it in some particular context. As often as possible this context has some current topical interest at the time of publication, but some topics are timeless and can have a more general context. The Attributer has been publishing these articles since mid 2012 in Informatiebeveiliging magazine in the Netherlands. Whilst the magazine is a totally Dutch publication, this series of articles has appeared in English. 
Now for the first time this blog is also published more widely and online by The SABSA Institute. Current topical articles will appear approximately once every four to six weeks, and previous articles will be republished at appropriate intervals to make them more widely available for the benefit of the wider SABSA Community. Hopefully the Community will be motivated to make comments to develop each Attribute topic discussion more fully. The articles themselves are short and pithy, being crafted to fit on one page of the magazine, but more in-depth on-line discussions may be prompted by the concepts they contain. We hope so.