Why is SABSA so Successful?

The SABSA Institute

SABSA is governed by The SABSA Institute. In the United Kingdom an “Institute” is not an ordinary company: it has a protected and highly-regulated status that guarantees:

  • SABSA intellectual property can never be sold

  • SABSA will always remain vendor-neutral

  • SABSA will be free-use in perpetuity

  • SABSA will have ongoing development to meet the needs of business

  • SABSA’s community can obtain true competency-based professional certifications that provide trust and confidence to peers and employers of an architect’s capabilities


Unique Selling Points


Feature Advantage
 Business driven Value-assured
 Risk focused Prioritised and
 Comprehensive Scalable scope
 Modular Agility for ease of implementation and management
 Open Source
(protected by UK Government - approved foundation)
Free use, open source, global standard
 Auditable Demonstrates compliance to relevant authorities
 Transparent Two-way


Each of the seven primary features and advantages can be interpreted and customised into key “elevator pitch” messages and unique selling points (USPs) for specific stakeholders or customers. The example below was created for eight stakeholders at a global financial institution:


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Competency-Based Professional Certification

Real ‘professionals’ (such as pilots and doctors) are not certified by their professional bodies by knowledge-based multiple choice tests. They are required to actively demonstrate the application of their skills and achieve career progression by ‘doing’ not ‘knowing’. Certification by the SABSA Institute is competency-based and delivers to stakeholders the assurance, trust and confidence that a professional has demonstrated the skill and ability to use the SABSA method in the real world.

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