Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate® – Call for Participants

The Working Group

This Working Group will bring together a group of security architects, to develop a security overlay for the ArchiMate® 3.1 modelling language. 

Following review by The Open Group’s ArchiMate® Forum, this overlay will be offered to the ArchiMate® modelling community as a considered contribution of SABSA practitioners & subject-matter experts. 


The advancement of the practical application of Enterprise Security Architecture in general, and the SABSA framework in particular, via a model-driven approach, based on The Open Group’s ArchiMate® notation and its available tool support.


A description of the security overlay in the forms of a technical white paper and a formal schema, to be submitted to The Open Group’s review process with the aim for publication as soon as possible.


Each month, the Working Group will focus on an aspect of modelling security using ArchiMate®, including:

  • A layer-by-layer, review of each element, identifying the properties required for security analysis;
  • Identifying new elements to represent security concepts with a means of representing these concepts using ArchiMate’s inbuilt extension mechanisms of specialisation or stereotyping.

The rationale for each proposal will be justified by supporting use-cases and design patterns that demonstrate how the overlay supports the security view of the system being modelled. 


Participation is expected to require one conf call per month (~60 mins) and a commitment of 8hrs per month in researching / reviewing / discussing ArchiMate® representations of security artefacts with peers (via on-line collaboration tools).

A 2-day workshop will be held in June to finalise the overlay before submission– dates to be confirmed.

Apply to Participate

The Call for Participants is now closed.

To apply to participate in the Working Group, please fill out the form at the below link. Participation is open to Chartered Members of The SABSA Institute only. Participants will be vetted for skill and experience in the following areas:

Project delivery using the SABSA Framework

In depth knowledge of having delivered the artefacts and work products described in the SABSA Matrix in multiple governmental or industrial sectors.

A good understanding of ArchiMate® notation and design principles

Certification is an advantage, as is an appreciation of good modelling style (e.g. Mastering ArchiMate®)

Security modelling, notations, formal or semi-formal methods

Experience in threat modelling, trust models, risk analysis (qualitative / quantitative methods), security patterns & anti-patterns, compliance traceability etc.;

Members can view the Project Charter prior to submitting a request to join


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