Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate

TSI T100 – Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate – Available on Members Pre-release. 

This White Paper describes how security architecture concepts can be expressed using ArchiMate 3.0, the latest version of The Open Group’s widely adopted Enterprise Architecture (EA) modelling language. This enables an integrated approach to producing SABSA artefacts created with standard EA notations and tooling. 

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3 thoughts on “Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate

This is an excellent paper and I’m trying to get my head around it. Archi seems to offer good capability for modelling SABSA but steep learning curve for me. Would be good to get hold of sample files with the model examples in the paper, so we can play along with the story.

Hi David,

I’ve used Archimate 3.0 and earlier iterations often and would be able to take you through some things I’ve done and discuss my experiences. Let me know.


Hi David,
I just presented this paper in the form of a Workshop at COSAC for which I shared a small example model.
While it doesn’t cover everything in the paper, it does demonstrate a few of the validations discussed e.g. validating a Control Profile or conducting a Critical Application Audit.
There are plan to set up a ‘Tools & Techniques’ Group on the TSI site but in the meantime, if you’d like to connect privately with your email or LinkedIn details, I’d be happy to share this model out of band.

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