WB107 – IAM Architecture: Problems, Pitfalls and Advices

Date/time: Friday 19 November 2021 – 08:30 GMT / 19:30 AEDT



Identity and Access Management is a global function. Architects call IAM a “business enabler”. All other business components depend on it, in the same way as DNS.

This presentation focuses on Access Management, and the unique issues you face with your IAM and PAM because it is a business enabler. We will look at the consequence of the reach for availability requirements, component ownership issues, function in different environments. We will then present logical and physical architectures. with advantages and drawbacks, and how to use SABSA to decide between choices

The presentation remains on a functional level, and does not dive into protocols or specific products. There is no mention of any product, nor any affiliation with a vendor.

Speaker: Marten Gerssen

Independent Security Manager / unConceptual B.V.

Marten Gerssen

Marten held commercial and project management roles in Telecom (Network Management) before becoming an independent consultant in 2010. In the projects since, security became more important, especially Identity and Access Management and Privileged Access Management. The projects located in the financial, energy, government and telecom sector.

Marten holds an M.Sc. in Control Engineering from Delft University of Technology, a Marketing Postgraduate from INSEAD and a CISSP.