SABSA Institute Aims & Objectives


The SABSA Institute envisions a global business world of the future, leveraging the power of digital technologies, enabled in the management of information risk, information assurance and information security through the adoption of SABSA as the framework and methodology of first choice for commercial, industrial, educational, government, military and charitable enterprises, regardless of industry sector, nationality, size or socio-economic status, and leading to enhancements in social well-being and economic success.


The mission of The SABSA Institute is to:

  • Be governors, custodians and guardians of the SABSA IPR in perpetuity;
  • Encourage its use by an ever growing SABSA Community comprising both individuals and corporate entities;
  • Enable governments to adopt SABSA as their framework and methodology of first choice without favouring a particular commercial interest;
  • Facilitate, lead and co-ordinate the future development of the SABSA IP;
  • Govern the integrity of the IP and its application throughout the SABSA Community.
  • Encourage and support the lifelong personal and/or corporate development of members of the SABSA Community;
  • Raise the level of competence and qualification of SABSA practitioners;
  • Provide thought leadership so as to initiate, develop, evaluate and disseminate SABSA thinking, tools, techniques and practices.

Business Objectives

The business objectives of The SABSA Institute are to:

  • Grow the overall membership base and achieve a critical mass of the membership of the Institute, both individual members and corporate sponsors;
  • Win support for, engagement with, and financial sponsorship for the Institute from corporate entities across all industry sectors and nations;
  • Increase awareness of the Institute, and achieve recognition for its contribution to better information assurance, security and risk management practice;
  • Increase the uptake of SABSA personal development and education through Institute programmes and qualifications;
  • Develop relevant revenue streams to support the business operations of the Institute and for investment in further development of the SABSA IP;
  • Develop the Institute’s structure, systems, intellectual capital and financial strength so as to enable the organisation to fulfil its mission and to realise its vision.

Corporate Values

The core values of The SABSA Institute are:

Benefit for Stakeholders: We focus on meeting the emerging needs of all our stakeholders in the SABSA Community.

Inclusive Culture: We have an inclusive culture and positive attitude towards the SABSA Community; all those with a professional or personal interest in the activities and goals of the SABSA Institute are welcome in the SABSA Community.

Collaborative Approach: We encourage sharing and collaboration between all members of the SABSA Community for the overall benefit of all, whether or not these members are formal, informal, de facto or future joiners.

Global Business Enablement: We facilitate and encourage change towards a business-enabled, risk-driven, trusted, assured and secured digital society and economy on a global basis.