SABSA World – Nashville – 7th August 2018

A Security Architecture Roundtable and SABSA Meetup will take place in Nashville, TN on 7th August 2018. Registration is free of charge. A potential draft agenda for the meeting is as follows: Discussion of tools used for Risk Management/GRC Current and emerging Security threats and Trends Challenges facing security architects and security programs Using visualization to show risk to executive […]

SABSA Institute Founding Membership closes 19th July

All those who registered for SABSA Institute Founding Membership in 2014/15 should use the private registration link emailed to them before 19th July 2018. After this time SABSA Institute Founding Membership will close. For an overview of all types of Membership, including General, Chartered and Founding, please view our Membership Benefits page. Anyone who signed up for Founding Membership in […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Quantum Ready

Quantum Cryptography Revolution Are you ready for the quantum revolution in secure communications? OK, so you’re not ready. Don’t panic, it’s still a long time coming. However, it is useful to be cognizant with the latest cryptographic developments and to get a glimpse of what is coming over the horizon. These developments will change the way we do things in […]

Architecting a Secure Digital World White Paper

White Paper: W101 – Architecting a Secure Digital World, has been published by The SABSA Institute. Initially available on members release, W101 is an introduction to SABSA for people who are new to the topic, providing a high-level overview and describing the benefits of adopting the methodology for architecting a secure digital business. W101- Architecting a Secure Digital World

SABSA Institute Membership Launch

As of 18th June 2018, The SABSA Institute has formally launched Membership to the SABSA community. Members will avail of early access to publications, access to the new SABSA Institute forums and further developments in the Member’s portal. View the full list of Membership Benefits.  

SABSA Matrices – 2018 Updates

TSI R101 – SABSA Matrices 2018 – Available on Members Pre-release.  An update to the SABSA Matrix and the SABSA Management Matrix has been published. R101 provides release notes detailing changes to the Matrices for 2018 and accompanying release notes identifying the rationale for changes. Visit the Members Resources section to view.