The Attributer’s Blog – Cyber Secured

Two years ago, in the last article of 2015, The Attributer previously published this same title. So why choose the title again? That previous article examined the global geo-political threat landscape and the reasons to take it seriously. In the final paragraph of the article The Attributer wrote: We need to shift into a different gear in our thinking and […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Capable

There have been numerous media reports in recent times about the cyber-attack capabilities of nation states hostile to Western political and business interests. That of course raises the debate about our cyber-defence capabilities and what they should be in this emerging threat landscape. In particular some commentators have raised the issue of the purpose and motive on the part of […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Data Centric

It is some years since the Jericho Forum published its ‘Commandments’ on how to plan for a de‐perimeterized future digital business environment. The most recent version 1.2 was published in May 2007. The conclusion of that document included the following words: “De‐perimeterization has happened, is happening, and is inevitable; central protection is decreasing in effectiveness: It will happen in your […]