The Attributer’s Blog – Threat Modelled

The Attributer has become aware that threat modelling is enjoying some popularity at the moment. However, most of what is written and said about it makes little sense. It’s not the role of this column to ‘name and shame’, but if you doubt what is said here, just type the words ‘threat modelling’ into your favourite search engine and read […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Tears-Free

You wanna cry? Been staring at a ransomware screen? The Attributer hopes not, but we all know it happened to a lot of people. So, what can we learn from this global incident and what should we do about protecting ourselves in the future? Three years ago The Attributer wrote an article named ‘Patched’. We shall re-examine some of the […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Shellshocked

This time we shall look at an undesirable SABSA Attribute, the name of which is, of course, a piece of irony, a way to draw attention to an extensive systemic problem by looking at a recently discovered example of a software bug, nicknamed ‘Shellshock’. For those who might have missed the news on this, the nickname applies to a vulnerability […]