The Attributer’s Blog – Cyber Secured

Two years ago, in the last article of 2015, The Attributer previously published this same title. So why choose the title again? That previous article examined the global geo-political threat landscape and the reasons to take it seriously. In the final paragraph of the article The Attributer wrote: We need to shift into a different gear in our thinking and […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Safe

In this article we pick up the thread of the previous article on the attribute ‘emergent’ with regard to system properties and follow it through on a specific path – that of systems safety. By ‘safety’ we mean not being injurious or dangerous to human life and health. Safety and security are closely related concepts. In the French and Dutch […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Emergent

SABSA thinking is based heavily on systems engineering concepts. We see the enterprise itself as a system of systems, hierarchically complex, with layered tiers of sub-systems and component interactions at every level of decomposition and abstraction. Systems are designed to have certain functionality to meet the system requirements, and in SABSA we articulate these requirements and functional properties through a […]