SABSA Attributes Catalogue (SABAC) Call for Attributes

Many of you have used the original set of SABSA attributes from the Blue Book. But the world has changed. Community members have developed new attributes to meet their needs. Our working group will collect those attributes and unite them in a single database. The added value of the new SABSA Attributes Catalogue is as follows: 

  • The catalogue will be larger than the original set of attributes. This raises the chance that the attribute your looking for is already in the catalogue, which will save you time. 
  • We’re crowdsourcing these attributes from the community.  We’re asking for attributes that are already used in real life. This means that they work in practice and will meet your needs. 
  • We will offer six industry-specific attribute collections. Different industries may need different definitions and performance targets. This means that you can work with the attribute set that matches your organization best. 

What do we need from you?

We have already made a base collection of new attributes with the input from our own SABAC working group. Now we would like to ask you for the attributes you have developed for your projects or organization. That is why we are now opening this Call for Attributes. Specific instructions on how to get your attributes to us follow below. 

What you will get in return? 

We know that you spend time and effort on your attributes. Including them in our catalogue means a lot to us, and we don’t expect you to do it for nothing. In return for your contribution (min. 5 attributes), we would like to offer you the following perks: 

  • Beta testing access to the Attributes Catalogue;
  • The opportunity to request features & provide feedback;
  • List your name as a SABAC contributor on the TSI website. 

Who can submit? 

Only TSI members can submit attributes to the SABSA Attributes Catalogue. We do not require you to have a specific level of SABSA certification to contribute. TSI members that have not completed SABSA training/certification may also submit attributes. 

When is the deadline?

The initial submission deadline is the 1st of June. After that, the web page will stay online and we will continue to accept and review your attributes, but we will only include attributes submitted before June 1st in the launch edition repository. 

What happens after this? 

The SABAC working group will review incoming attributes based on five criteria: 

  • Completeness. The more complete the attribute profile, the more likely it is to be successfully used in practice. In case of missing information, we will try to complement the missing information ourselves. 
  • Quality. Vague terminology makes the attribute less usable. We are looking for attributes that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). 
  • Distinctiveness. If attributes resemble each other, we may choose to combine them into a single attribute. 
  • Relevance. We are looking for attributes for the modern world. We will likely not accept attributes for out-of-date business-, technology- and security practices.
  • Anonymity. We cannot include client-specific information in our attribute profiles. We ask that you anonymize your attributes so that we can’t recognize the attribute’s origin. 

We will not inform you which of your attributes we have selected for the catalogue. We may reach out to you in case of questions on the attributes you have submitted. After agreement on which attributes make it to the catalogue, we will refine them. We will create industry collections and create a launch version of the repository. We will set up governance and open the repository up to the community. We will host a webinar to explain how the SABSA Attributes Catalogue works. Six months in, we will issue a survey to the community to review adoption and improvements needed. 

When will you see the results? 

We plan on presenting the first edition of the SABSA Attributes Catalogue at COSAC 2020. Between the conference and the end of the year we will launch the catalogue online on the TSI website. The SABSA Attributes Catalogue will be accessible to TSI members only. The working group is currently working towards a first edition of the catalogue. After its launch we continue to add attributes to the catalogue and work on requested features. 

Where can you upload your attributes?

To contribute the attributes you’ve developed, please go to the SABAC upload page. Here you can download the SABAC Upload File. This is a template in which you can register your attributes. We prefer if you complete all fields. Once you’re done, you can enter your name and email address in the form and upload your completed Excel file with your name added to the Excel sheet’s name, e.g. “EstherSvL-SABAC-Attributes-Submission.xlsx”. We ask for your personal information only to contact you in case of questions and list you as a SABAC contributor (if you desire so). 

For questions or comments, you can reach out to We look forward to receiving your attributes in this Call for Attributes!

The SABAC Working Group

Esther Schagen-van Luit (project lead)
Aksel Bruun
Ivan Philips
James Alderman
James Lynas
Jonathan Bentley
Muhammed Adeel