The Attributer’s Blog

This is a series of articles based around SABSA Business Attributes. Each article takes a new Attribute and discusses it in some particular context. As often as possible this context has some current topical interest at the time of publication, but some topics are timeless and can have a more general context. The Attributer has been publishing these articles since mid 2012 in Informatiebeveiliging magazine in the Netherlands. Whilst the magazine is a totally Dutch publication, this series of articles has appeared in English.


The Chief Architects Blog

The Chief Architects Blog was started in October 2017 and is a collection of articles written by John Sherwood, the Chief Architect and original creator of SABSA, and the lead author of the book Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business Driven Approach, in which the SABSA framework is described.


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The Book – Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business-Driven Approach

Security is too important to be left in the hands of just one department or employee―it’s a concern of an entire enterprise. Enterprise Security Architecture shows that having a comprehensive plan requires more than the purchase of security software―it requires a framework for developing and maintaining a system that is proactive. The book is based around the SABSA layered framework. It provides a structured approach to the steps and processes involved in developing security architectures. It also considers how some of the major business issues likely to be encountered can be resolved.

Available here for purchase on Amazon for Kindle and Hardcover.