The Attributer’s Blog – Adaptive

In the past months, as everybody has witnessed and experienced first-hand, our lives – the way we love, work, live, communicate, commute, to name a few, have changed. Change for some has been a little, for others change has been 180 degrees. Work has stopped for some, for others business has thrived. Nicholas Taleb wrote, in his 2001 book Fooled by […]

Webinar: SABAC Call for Attributes

The SABAC Working Group, lead by Esther Schagen-van Luit, is hosting a webinar on May 22 to provide more information of the purpose of the SABAC (SABSA Business Attributes Catalogue) Working Group and to discuss the current Attributes repository and SABAC’s call to the community for Attributes which launched on 21 April. Full Overview & Registration

Zero Trust Survey

There’s a lot of work being put into the concepts of Zero Trust Architectures to deliver more defendable systems. While NIST has provided guidance for US Federal Agencies in Special Publication 800-207, The Open Group is independently reviewing the concept of Zero Trust for its ongoing development of TOGAF in addition to working with NIST on the implementation of a […]