Webinar: Evolution-informed Security Architecture Using Wardley Mapping

The next instalment in the Institute’s webinar series is now available for registration. Evolution-informed Security Architecture: Using Wardley Mapping for Situational Awareness and Decision making, presented by Mario Platt – Information Security Leader at Privacy Beacon, will provide an introduction to Wardley Mapping as a strategy development framework, and detail how this can be used to inform decisions at different […]

SABSA Modelling in ArchiMate – Updated Paper & Cloud Controls Matrix Model

In advance of the launch of the formal SABSA Institute Working Group for Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate (MSA), an update to the Tools & Techniques White Paper T100 – Modelling SABSA with ArchiMate has been published. In addition, SABSA Institute Members can download an ArchiMateSE Model of an open-source control framework – the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix. Members can access […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Private

The Attributer had the privilege of serving on the Jericho Forum during the period leading up to its closure (‘sunsetting’) in November 2013. During that latter period, we were working on a paper to set out the principles for protecting the privacy of personal data. Recently, during the time of lockdown to control the Coronavirus pandemic, The Attributer has been […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Accountable

It is exactly a year since The Attributer last visited this attribute. Then the issue was with the Board of Disney and its decisions over cyber security. A group of shareholders were unhappy with the Board position and the company was heading for a clash at the forthcoming annual stockholders meeting. This time we are dealing with the ongoing story […]

Webinar: Aligning Security Models with SABSA – Theory and Practice

The next instalment in the Institute’s webinar series is now available for registration. Aligning Security Models with SABSA – Theory and Practice, presented by Glen Bruce – Director at David Lynas Consulting, will cover developing a framework that will assist in reviewing and aligning information security models with SABSA Architecture. This Webinar will take you through that step by step […]

SABSA World London – 19 March

A SABSA World event has been announced for London on the evening of 19 March 2020. The event will feature two sessions as well as a SABSA Institute update. SABSA with a Pinch of Agile – Mahbubul Islam – Deputy CISO, HM Courts & Tribunals Service Enterprise Security Architecture Open Discussion – Martin Hopkins – Acolyte, The SABSA Institute Full […]