Membership Benefits

From June 2018, The SABSA Institute will formally launch Membership of the Institute. Members will be able to access a dedicated SABSA Forum, engage with each other by discussing SABSA content and receive access to SABSA White Papers and content for 60 days before general release is available.

To sign-up, please proceed to Membership Registration.

Membership Goals

The goals of our membership services are to:

  • Encourage and support the the lifelong personal and/or corporate development of professional members of the SABSA Community;
  • Raise the level of competence and qualification of SABSA practitioners;
  • Provide thought leadership so as to initiate, develop, evaluate and disseminate SABSA Thinking, tools, techniques and practices;
  • Offer participation in the development of new SABSA Intellectual Property.

By registering for Membership you will be able to:

  • Share with and learn from others about the application of SABSA;
  • Participate in discussions regarding the development of SABSA and work along on new white papers, reports, guides, project charters, standards and the development of the SABSA Intellectual Property;
  • Have early access to new white papers before those are released to the public;
  • Presentations from Local Chapters where those have been released for publication by the author;
  • Have access to the repository we are currently building up with you and other members.

There are 3 types of Membership available.

General Membership

Fee: £50/year


  • Access to SABSA Working Group Charters, Reports and published IP
  • Early access to SABSA White Papers, Guides and Reports before these are published for general release
  • Access to the SABSA Institute Community Forum
  • Access to the Members area of The SABSA Institute’s new web platform & the ability to engage with other members & SABSA Leadership
  • Membership Profile with social activities, notifications, account management etc

To sign-up, please proceed to Membership Registration.

Chartered Membership

Chartered Membership will be offered to those registering for General Membership, who have also passed the SABSA Chartered Architect – Foundation Level (SCF) Examinations. To gain Chartered Membership, you will be asked to provide your SABSA Foundation (SCF) Certification ID upon registration. If you do not have this ID, please continue with registration and request your ID from Your membership status will be upgraded to Chartered upon verification of your qualification.

Fee: £50/year


  • All benefits included in General Membership
  • Request participation in SABSA Institute Working Groups to further the development of SABSA IP

To sign-up, please proceed to Membership Registration.

Founding Membership

Founding Membership was offered to individuals who registered interest in becoming a SABSA Institute Member when registration was initially launched back in 2014/15. If you registered interest at this time, the SABSA Institute attempted to contact you within 30 days of Membership Launch (May 2018).  Application for Founding Membership closed in July 2018.