Community Report 2018-19

It’s been a banner year for the SABSA Institute and its growing community – a year of renewing, newing, improving, expanding, and looking ahead to next steps on our SABSA Enterprise Security Architecture journey. The list is long: the 11th SABSA World Congress in Ireland and the 2nd  in Australia, a renewed Institute website that delivers new functionality and a foundation for future enhancement, a new Institute Membership Program, increasing number of and expanding reach of SABSA World Events, new Institute forums, renewed and new Institute Working Groups, new publication channels, and new Webinars,

The journey ahead looks exciting and promising. We look forward to working with you to grow the community and collaborate to continue developing SABSA and extend its reach. Our progress over the past year is due to a lot of work by many people. We roll credits at the end of this page to acknowledge their contributions and say – Thank you!

SABSA Congress – Ireland & Australia

COSAC 2018, the 25th, included the 11th SABSA World Congress and COSAC APAC 2018 – Australia extended SABSA World Congress’s reach to Asia-Pacific with the 2nd SABSA APAC Congress.  There’s no better place than the annual SABSA World Congress, hosted annually by COSAC, for direct interaction with your SABSA peers. The Institute is a major supporter of these events – yet another way to bring value to members.

SABSA Institute Website – Re-booted this year!

The SABSA Institute Website re-booted this year following a down-to-the-bedrock overhaul that has delivered new functionality and capabilities, including Membership functionality, Forums, Webinars, and enhanced Resource distribution. We are looking ahead to making further improvements in the year ahead.

SABSA Institute Membership Program – New this year!

The SABSA Institute finally rolled out the Membership Program, the keystone for building a vibrant and engaged community. The long-envisioned, much-discussed launched in June 2018. After a full year we now have over 700 members. About half of those joined in the first rush following launch, but we’ve been adding steadily and expect to see the numbers increase as we continue our efforts to grow the base through improved outreach.

SABSA World Events – Expanded this year!

We’ve expanded SABSA World Event locations this year, adding Brussels, Geneva, Munich and Toronto to Amsterdam, London, and Nashville. These events are assisted by the Institute but are community-driven, relying on members planning, organising, and making them happen. They are an opportunity to bring the camaraderie and collaboration of COSAC home, to bring SABSA practitioners together on a near-term, regular, and on-going basis. There’s nothing like face-to-face interaction with colleagues for sharing and learning and SABSA World Events are where it can happen close to home. 

SABSA Institute Forums – New this year!

SABSA Institute Forums are envisioned as a collection of topic-based communications channels to enable community members to interact. Post a question and share your knowledge and experience by replying to posted questions.  

SABSA Working Groups – Rebooted and new this year!

The SABSA Institute’s Working Groups are a primary vehicle for engaging the membership to deepen and extend SABSA concepts, frameworks, models, and tools and techniques. 

WG100 Security Services Catalogue – SSC Re-booted this year!

The Security Services Catalogue Working Group is focused on building a catalogue of standardised security services that will be available off-the-shelf and tailorable for different contexts.

WG101 SABSA Enhanced NIST Cybersecurity Framework – SENC Re-booted this year!

The SABSA Enhanced NIST Cybersecurity Framework Working Group is developing a Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) contextual architecture to front end CSF with the SABSA attributes profiling process to incorporate business requirements into use of the CSF. 

WG102 SABSA Attributes Catalogue – SABAC New this year!

The SABSA Attributes Catalogue Working Group is building a defined business attributes and metrics catalogue, expanding on SABSA’s original attributes inventory to create a more comprehensive and versatile repository.

Social Media Channels

In 2018 & 2019 The Institute has vastly increased its social media presence, engaging members much more frequently on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

SABSA Institute Press – Expanded this year!

The Attributer’s Blog

Short articles on varied and timely attribute-focused topics. TSI has published several Attributer Blog entries this year, including:

  • Autonomous (Author: The Attributer) – November 11, 2018
  • Zero Trusted (Author: The Attributer) – February 27, 2019
  • Non-Conflicted (Author: The Attributer) – April 17, 2019

The Institute expects to publish at least an additional 3 Attributer Blog entries by September 2019.

The Chief Architect’s Blog

Ideas, history, insights, wisdom and more from John Sherwood, TSI’s Chief Architect. The Chief Architect’s Blog will resume publication with at least one new blog entry by September 2019.

SABSA at Work Series New this year!

A series of case studies, either fictitious, or, more importantly, where SABSA has been used in a real enterprise.

TSI launched the SABSA at Work Series and published:

  • SW100 TSI SW100 How can SABSA help your business?   (Author: John Sherwood) – October 2018
  • SW101 TSI SW101 SABSA Applied to Top-Secret Classified Information (Author: Robert Laurie) – November 2018
  • SW102 TSI SW102 A SABSA Reference Model for Anything as a Service (Author: Michael Kitsisa) – April 2019

And, the following SABSA at Work publications are currently in the pipeline:

  • SABSA Applied to an Undersea Data Centre (Author: Robert Laurie)
  • Security Architecture Reference Model for Office 365 (Author: Michael Kitsisa)
  • Working with Opportunities and a Government Agency (Author: Robert Laurie)
  • Designing Risk Reporting in a Multi-Tiered Domain Model (Author: Robert Laurie)

TSI is soliciting real case studies from members for publication and active engagement with the SABSA Community. Please contact John Czaplewski, Editor in Chief, at

SABSA Community PresentationsNew this year!

TSI launched the SABSA Community Presentations Series to share SABSA-related presentation given by members of the SABSA community at conferences, SABSA World events etc.

  • • TSI CP100 Zero Trusted Security Architecture (Author: John Sherwood) – April 2019
  • • TSI CP101 SABSA in Agile (Author: Steven Bradley) – May 2019

TSI is soliciting community presentations for publication. Please contact John Czaplewski, Editor in Chief, at

SABSA White Papers

A series of White Papers focused on developing, enhancing, extending, and evolving SABSA. TSI launched the SABSA White Paper Series in 2009 with publication of the original The SABSA Whitepaper. Several papers are in the publication pipeline with publication dates still to be determined:

  • SABSA Stakeholder Engagement Series (Authors: Malcolm Shore, John Sherwood, Victoria Czaplewski)
  • Agile SABSA (Author: Malcolm Shore)
  • SABSA Maturity Modelling (Author: Malcolm Shore)
  • SABSA Process Modelling (Author: Malcolm Shore)
  • SABSA Risk Management – Part 2: The Risk Management Process (Author: John Sherwood)
  • SABSA Life Cycle (Author: Malcolm Shore)
  • SABSA Risk Management – Part 3: Control and Enablement Strategy (Author: John Sherwood)

TSI is soliciting proposals for SABSA White Papers. Please contact John Czaplewski, Editor in Chief, at

SABSA Techniques & ToolsNew this year!

A series of papers focused on techniques and tools for doing SABSA. TSI is launching the SABSA Techniques and Tools series this year with the first title of what we hope will be many:

  • Modelling SABSA with Archimate (Author: Steven Bradley)

It’s been a banner year for The SABSA Institute Press, and we look forward to bringing the community new and exciting material in the year ahead.

SASBA Webinars New this year!

SABSA Webinars delivered by members of the SABSA community, Institute trustees and founders and working group leaders reporting on the development of new SABSA IP. Webinars are initially live streamed and then made available on-demand.

Date Title Presenter
31 May 2019 SABSA Modeling in ArchiMate Steven Bradley
7 May 2019 Applying SABSA in Project Delivery Robert Campbell
17 April 2019 Applying SABSA to Classified Information Robert Laurie

SABSA Institute Board of Trustees

The SABSA Institute Board of Trustees holds virtual meets monthly, generally virtually but, face-to-face whenever the opportunity presents. We are committed improving the Institute’s capabilities to serve and deliver value to membership and enable you to use the SABSA Framework and Methodology to deliver value to those you serve as security architects. 

Not too bad for a year’s effort. Let’s do more in the year ahead.

On behalf of the SABSA Institute Board of Trustees, warm regards,

David Lynas, President

Roll Credits

Many people have put in a lot a time and effort to make our 2018-2019 year so productive. We appreciate their belief in the value of SABSA, their dedication to building this wonderful community, and their continuing commitment to the SABSA Institute and its mission to  make SABSA the framework and methodology of choice for enterprise security architecture. 

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