White Paper Requests

W100 – SABSA White Paper 

An executive summary of the SABSA Method, it’s tools, techniques and concepts.

Download  The SABSA Whitepaper (Published 2009)

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W101 – Architecting a Secure Digital World

An introduction to SABSA for people who are new to the topic, providing a high-level overview and describing the benefits of adopting the methodology for architecting a secure digital business.

Download W101 – Architecting a Secure Digital World (Published August 2018)

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W117 – SABSA-TOGAF Integration White Paper

A White Paper by The Open group SABSA-TOGAF Integration Working Group comprising a joint effort by The SABSA Institute and The Open Group Architecture and Security Forums.

Download W117 SABSA – TOGAF Integration White Paper (Published October 2011)

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R101 – SABSA Matrices 2018 Release Notes

An update to the SABSA Matrix™ and the SABSA Management Matrix™ in 2018 and an analysis of the changes made in that update.

Download R101 SABSA Matrices 2018 Release Notes (Published August 2018)

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G152 – Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture

An Open Group Guide addressing how to integrate considerations of security and risk into an Enterprise Architecture using SABSA.

Download TOG G152 Integrating Risk and Security within TOGAF (Published January 2016)

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