The Attributer’s Blog – Data Centric

It is some years since the Jericho Forum published its ‘Commandments’ on how to plan for a de‐perimeterized future digital business environment. The most recent version 1.2 was published in May 2007. The conclusion of that document included the following words: “De‐perimeterization has happened, is happening, and is inevitable; central protection is decreasing in effectiveness: It will happen in your […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Business Context Aligned

The British Computer Society June newsletter featured an article by Neil Cordell. The article opens with the following statement: “When it comes to dealing with cyber security, technologists must focus more on threats and controls and less on risk”. Mr. Cordell is concerned that implementing security controls is entirely in the hands of technologists, who have no real idea of […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Supportable

This Business Attribute from the SABSA Business Attributes Taxonomy is one that deserves a great deal of attention with respect to every solution architecture. First let’s establish a conceptual framework within which business solutions are constructed. The essential goal of any such solution is to create ‘business value’ through what we call ‘value chains’. Supporting this goal we build a […]