The Attributer’s Blog – Adaptive

In the past months, as everybody has witnessed and experienced first-hand, our lives – the way we love, work, live, communicate, commute, to name a few, have changed. Change for some has been a little, for others change has been 180 degrees. Work has stopped for some, for others business has thrived. Nicholas Taleb wrote, in his 2001 book Fooled by […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Private

The Attributer had the privilege of serving on the Jericho Forum during the period leading up to its closure (‘sunsetting’) in November 2013. During that latter period, we were working on a paper to set out the principles for protecting the privacy of personal data. Recently, during the time of lockdown to control the Coronavirus pandemic, The Attributer has been […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Accountable

It is exactly a year since The Attributer last visited this attribute. Then the issue was with the Board of Disney and its decisions over cyber security. A group of shareholders were unhappy with the Board position and the company was heading for a clash at the forthcoming annual stockholders meeting. This time we are dealing with the ongoing story […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Digitally Architected

In the world of digital transformation, things are moving quickly. The concept of zero trust has matured significantly. Now we can see a much more holistic approach, often referred to as the ‘software defined perimeter’. One of the key features is the use of secure APIs for machine-to-machine communications.  Many web applications are now bundles of microservices rather than a […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Governed

In the previous blog article (Conflicted, April 2019) The Attributer examined the potential conflict between the decisions made by autonomous systems and those made by their human operators. The case study was the alleged failure of the MCAS[1] system on the Boeing 737 Max aircraft and the part it may have played in two recent crashes of this aircraft. The […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Non-Conflicted

Within the last 24 hours (as The Attributer writes this) the CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, has publicly acknowledged that bad data feeding into an automated flight system on the company’s popular 737 Max jets played a role in two recent crashes [1]. “With the release of the preliminary report of the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 accident investigation it’s apparent […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Zero Trusted

It’s the beginning of 2019 and the new buzz-ware from the security solution vendor community is ‘zero trust’. What do we think that means? It must be important because they’re all rushing to tell us how their products and services support this new initiative in security architecture. It’s being presented as the new holy grail, something never before imagined, that […]

The Attributer’s Blog – Autonomous

Gartner tells us in its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019(1) that autonomous things are number one in the list. Autonomous things use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks traditionally done by humans. We are talking robotics on a new level of sophistication and with greater levels of autonomy than seen in previous generations of robot technology. The types […]