WB105 – Evolution-informed Security Architecture: Using Wardley Mapping for Situational Awareness and Decision Making

Date/time: Tuesday 26 May 2020 – 07:00 EDT / 12:00 BST / 21:00 AEST

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In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to Wardley mapping as a strategy development framework and how it can help inform decisions at different layers of the SABSA matrix. We will also discuss the concepts of climatic patterns and doctrine, which can help the Security architect in identifying risks and opportunities to the delivery and management of our enterprise security architecture.

Speaker: Mario Platt

Independent Consultant and Strategy Director, Practical DevSecOps

With 20 years of security experience and roles spanning penetration testing, operations, engineering and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Mario is known for his Strategic thinking and pragmatic approaches often bridging the communication gap between technical and governance professionals to enable real collaboration. In his consulting work, Mario typically works directly with everyone from C-suite executives to Developers and other front-line staff, helping develop and deliver security programmes. As Strategy Director for Practical DevSecOps, he represents the company in UK and Europe and helps develop the content for training curriculums.