SABSA World – Ask a Master Virtual Event

23rd November – 18:00 GMT

This is a virtual event not tied to any specific local chapter. The session is scheduled to accommodate the local chapters in London, Amsterdam and Brussels; and SABSA practitioners across Europe. 

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Agenda GMT

18.00 – 18.05 GMT Welcome & SABSA World Introduction

18.05 – 19.00 GMT SABSA AMA Panel

Has your SABSA journey stalled? Have you hit a challenge that has stopped you in your tracks, unable to see a way forward? Do you have questions about how to use SABSA that you’ve been unable to find answers to? Are you trying to get off the ground in a new organisation with no history of SABSA adoption, or trying to make the leap from understanding SABSA to applying SABSA?

Welcome to the club! Often static materials, or the might of Google, don’t have the answers… you know right? “It depends!” SABSA knowledge may not have the answer, but it is a problem solving framework that will guide you to the answers if you know how to wield it. By following the methodology, simple answers can often be discovered for complicated questions. What you need is a little guidance on where to start and which part of the methodology to use for your situation.

Now is your chance to ask your questions to a panel of experienced SABSA masters, people who have spent a significant amount of time learning, applying and teaching the SABSA methodology. Your questions will shape the session – please submit in advance if possible! We will cover as many topics and questions as possible with opportunities for all attendees to join the debate. In true COSAC style the best answers to a question may come from the attendees and not the panel. We may not be able to solve every problem, but maybe by providing some answers and joining together to build connections we can enable ongoing collaboration and problem solving.

Panel Members include:

Maurice Smit – Deputy Chief Architect, The SABSA Institute & SABSA Instructor

Andy Wall – CSO, UK Office for National Statistics


1 thought on “SABSA World – Ask a Master Virtual Event

Question for the SABSA World – Ask a Master Virtual Event on Nov. 23, 2021

In a large public-sector organization, we often have the following situation: although having a quite mature CERT-organization, the security architecture management remains silo-based, i.e., locally addressed (in terms of accountability and implementation, the latter being covered by otherwise ongoing projects). At C-Level, the need to develop a holistic security architecture in a structured and standardized way is not (yet) well perceived.

Question: Would you have an example on a supported customer in such an environment/situation which was to adopt the SABSA methodology and framework for development of the security architecture while connecting it to the expertise of the running CERT-organization?

Best regards,

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