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It’s October 2017 and The SABSA Institute is launching a new blog by John Sherwood, the Chief Architect and original creator of SABSA and the lead author of the book Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business Driven Approach, in which the SABSA framework is described. The book was published in 2005 and much work has been done since then to extend and refine the framework. The SABSA Institute (TSI) is currently embarking on an extensive publication programme of white papers to make available the new materials to TSI Members and the public forum, in addition to the SABSA Education and Training programme.

This blog, along with The Attributer blog already being published, will add to that stream of SABSA literature through short topical and interesting pieces that draw attention to aspects of SABSA in small easily digested pieces. The launch at this time coincides with the 21st birthday of SABSA, for which the first concepts were published in November 1996 at COMPSEC96 in London. The first blog articles give a brief history of the birth and subsequent growth of SABSA up to the present day. There will be many more to follow. This blog is less structured than The Attributer, having the freedom to take a form and length that is free from format constraints, but nevertheless short and sweet. We hope you will all enjoy reading the work that will follow.

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