Working Group Launch: Attributes Catalogue Project

The original business attributes were drafted by the founders of SABSA. Their work has become the foundation for generations of security architects to base their business attribute profiles on. The Institute has started a project to incorporate their existing sample attributes but more so include some newly defined business attributes into a repository the SABSA member community can make use of and thrive on. The aim of the project is to define a member-driven business attributes and metrics catalogue, expanding upon the original attributes inventory to a more comprehensive and versatile repository. We are looking for members from the SABSA community willing to participate in a Working Group to together shape this new attributes catalogue.

The Working Group is open to Chartered Members of the Institute only so if you have passed your SABSA Foundation course, registered for membership and are rearing to make a contribution that matters to the community please complete the form below to get in touch with the Project Lead Esther Schagen-van Luit for more information.

**The Call for Participants for this Working Group is now closed. A further announcement will be made should more participants be required.**


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